Design and build distributed applications in minutes

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With the Unblocked Platform you can.


  • scale to thousands of endpoints.

  • offers world-class security.

  • requires little to no extra infrastructure investment to run.

The Unblocked Platform is a distributed computing platform which uses WebAssembly, dotnet core, Microsoft Blazor, WebRTC and IndexedDB to deliver a rapid app development solution for distributed applications.

At the core of Unblocked is a distributed ledger, using a technology that we developed purely in .net. Our distributed ledger implements end to end cryptography, merkle trees for speed, epochs for data storage and X509 Certificates for Private and Public key storage.

We're a distributed



We empower your development team

Organisational cloud computing costs are accelerating. Highly scalable applications can be incredibly expensive. Our platform places application performance on the device and distributes data, meaning little to no central investment required.

Applications are significantly cheaper to operate

Reduce development costs with little to no server, storage or network costs. 

Use existing skills in C#  and dotnet

If you or your team have an understanding of HTML, CSS, and C# it is more than likely that you have the internal knowledge required to write Unblocked applications. 

Developing internet-scale applications is incredibly simple

Processing occurs on a user's device and data is shared peer-to-peer. This means that applications become highly scalable with minimal expense.  

Applications can be prototyped and shipped in minutes

Applications developed with Unblocked run on any modern web browser

No Back End Operations required

Applications running on the Unblocked Platform only require a flat-file web server such as GitHub pages. There is no requirement for central databases or servers.  

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